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We ease out of the pit lane and onto the track. At this point, the car sounds like most of its four-cylinder Mercedes siblings—emitting a rather undistinguished, but not unpleasant, moggy purr. But as Moers dips deeper into the throttle and the 2. The car has come alive.


Body control is excellent; roll, pitch, and dive are virtually nonexistent as the AMG prototype charges around the track. The balance and the lack of torque steer are certainly helped by the fact that the A45 prototype shuttles its prodigious power to all four wheels, one of several forthcoming AMG products that will do so.

Mercedes-AMG A45 S, CLA 45 S Hit The Track In Official Videos

On this car, the power distribution between the two axles is handled by an electronically activated multiplate clutch. Sending an estimated hp and lb-ft of torque to just the front axle would have been, uh, unwise.

amg a45 s

To squeeze this much power out of a 2. Special bearings and solid pistons handle high internal pressures akin to those found in a diesel engine. Moers claims this souped-up 2. The A45 AMG is the most powerful series production car powered by a 2. In Normal mode, gearchanges are smooth and seamless; selecting Sport or Sport Plus mode noticeably quickens the swaps. In Sport Plus, it delivers competition-grade downshifts and simultaneously performs matched-rev throttle blips to keep the car composed during serious driving.

Aside from the stability benefits, the blip-throttle sounds are entertaining. Back at the Hockenheim track, Moers is tossing the compact Mercedes A45 AMG through tight corners, demonstrating its sharp steering, crisp throttle response, and neutral balance even at very high cornering speeds. The A45 is the smallest car ever tuned to an AMG fare-thee-well. Is there a market for another compact monster like this?

Displacement: cu in, cc Power est : hp rpm Torque est : lb-ft rpm. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Best Lease Deals of the Month. View Photos. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From First Drives. Join the Conversation Show Comments LoadingMercedes recently revealed the all-new AMG A45 S, a model that builds on the qualities of its predecessor but offers better performance, more tech, and a more modern look.

This video published by carwow aims to answer all of those questions and moresince it pits the two generations of A45 against one another in order to specifically measure their performance.

The first-gen A45 is motivated by a 2. In the real world, there is no contest when it comes to acceleration. The A45S leaves the old A45 for dead, maybe even to a greater extent than the power difference would suggest. Around the corners, the new A45 is helped by the torque-vectoring and the limited-slip differential it has between the rear wheels. It can send up to percent of its power to the rear, which can, in turn, be fully shifted to one tire or the other.

The new car also unquestionably looks better than the old car. One area where the old car is better than the new one is when it comes to its exhaust note. Read our full review on the next generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Back to Model. What do you think? Car Finder:. Mercedes A-Class. Competing Vehicles. Active filters:. About US. Contact Us. Automotive journalist job.Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 8.

Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 7. Fuel consumption combined: 8. The AMG-specific radiator grille, the front apron with flics on the air intakes, a front splitter, and trim in silver chrome are all hallmark features of the Mercedes-AMG design idiom.

See The Mercedes-AMG A45 S Lap The Nürburgring In Just 7:48

Other typical AMG touches include the optionally available These all add up to a bold statement that's borne out by bold performance. Independent front bumper with AMG-specific radiator grill and distinctive Powerdomes on the hood. Two twin tailpipes, each with a diameter of 82 millimeters, accentuate the sporty, wide tail. Wide front track with flared fenders. Exterior Special Equipment. Optional After all, the power of the newly developed AMG 4-cylinder turbocharged engine needs to be applied to the road as effectively as possible.

Track Tire are sports tires, which are equipped with a special tire tread pattern and a special tire compound. On a dry road surface the interaction of these properties results in a significant higher grip level than standard tires.

Please contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealership for a full list of available options. Just a few more clicks towards your Mercedes-AMG configuration. Select your country and we will get you to the configurator. The MBUX multimedia system with instrument cluster, featuring three different display designs including Supersport mode with a large rev counter, is made for performance.

The optionally available AMG Performance steering wheel complements this perfectly. Interior Special Equipment. With maximum sportiness in terms their seating position, the AMG Performance seats lay the foundations for optimum handling poise and assurance. The strongly contoured seat shape with integral head restraints and AMG badge combines ideal lateral support when adopting a sporty driving style with a particularly dynamic appearance.

The AMG steering wheel in DINAMICA microfibre is visibly and tangibly designed for top performance: the material offers an excellent grip, reliably absorbs moisture and is evocative of a genuine racing car, along with the 12 o'clock marking. The AMG steering wheel buttons provide you with a swift and ergonomic means of selecting many functions. With the aid of lap, sector and acceleration times plus selected live telemetrics data, you can analyse and improve your driving skills on cordoned-off tracks in a purposeful manner.

Click and drag. AMG 2. Two separately acting clutches on the rear axle allow fully variable torque distribution to each of the rear wheels exactly as required.The most powerful hot hatch in series production. But of course it is. Ding-dong, seconds out, round one, the A45 is the bone-cruncher-in-chief of the hot hatch power wars.

The same will happen this time — the business is too good for it not to. The latter, with an extra 33bhp, more standard kit, bigger wheels 19s not 18slarger exhaust pipes, double the number of diffuser fins, bigger brakes, variable driving modes etc, is the only one coming to the UK. The body has been majorly reinforced with a new shearing plate under the engine, a strut-mounted cross brace, diagonal bars across the front and rear underbody to support the subframes and inserts in the front wheelarches that connect the side members to the A-pillars and stop deformation under suspension compression.

The system takes information from everywhere: yaw sensors, steering angle, throttle, that bottle rolling around in the footwell, then distributes it typically between the axles. No 4WS, but the effect is similar. Now consider the heat build up. The cooling is unbelieveable. The turbo is water, oil and air cooled, with the latter ducted through an intake behind the grille, under the engine cover, and then down past exhaust and turbo and out through an opening left purposefully in the floor.

The heat-shielding is considerable. There are three water pumps: electrically driven for the intercooler and cylinder block, plus a beefier mechanical pump for the head. That last can pump litres of water per minute — over twice the flow of a standard car.

The intercooler has to get inlet temperatures down from degrees to The engine block is all new and used nowhere else. Illenberger admits to having considered twin turbos and both turbo and supercharger layout before dismissing both for packaging reasons.

The twinscroll blower, running on roller bearings, has two separate air feeds, from cylinders and It pressurises to 2. Speaking of power characteristics, these are fundamentally changed.

In the old car torque peaked at 2,rpm and plateaued across to 5k. Other stuff: there is a cabin sound generator which takes its cues from a sensor in the exhaust, the gearbox is an eight-speed multi-clutch DCT, it weighs 1,kg, promises mph in 3.

Take one for a spin or order a brochure. Powered by motoring. Big Reads. Big Read. Is this the moment EVs go mainstream?They seamlessly continue the success story of their predecessors, while setting numerous new standards. Available in two output and torque variants, the completely newly developed 2. Even the basic model with kW PS is more powerful than its predecessor.

The 2020 Mercedes-AMG A45 S is a lot quicker than the old AMG A45, but is it better?

The S-variant with kW PS jostles with considerably higher vehicle classes. This is made possible by a new rear axle differential featuring two multidisc clutches — one for each rear wheel. The exterior conveys sheer driving pleasure even at standstill. For the first time, the compact class now also features the AMG-specific radiator grille with a wider lower contour and twelve vertical louvres — as a clear indicator of the AMG Performance family membership.

With an output of up to kW PSthe completely newly developed 2. Maximum torque has also increased from to up to newton metres. With an output per litre of up to kW PSthe new Mercedes-AMG high-performance turbo engine even ranks ahead of many well-known super sports car engines.

In the 45 models, the four-cylinder ensures extremely agile performance in two output classes: with kW PS as the S-model and with kW PS in the basic version.

amg a45 s

This positioning logic has already proved successful for the AMG Performance models with a V8 engine, and meets individual customer wishes even better. The new engine excels with numerous intelligent design features. This means that the turbocharger and the exhaust manifold are now positioned at the rear, on the side of the firewall when viewed from behind.

The intake system is therefore positioned at the front. This configuration allows the flattest possible and aerodynamically advantageous front section design. Furthermore, the new arrangement allows much improved air ducting with shorter distances and fewer diversions — both on the intake and exhaust side. Turbocharging and direct injection with a spray-guided combustion process not only allow a high power yield, but also improve thermodynamic efficiency and therefore reduce both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

For the first time, the new high-performance four-cylinder has two-stage fuel injection. In the first stage the particularly fast and precisely operating piezo injectors supply fuel to the combustion chambers at a pressure of up to bar.

This is a multiple process at times, and is controlled by the engine management system as required.Unveiled init slots above the AMG A35 in the range thanks to a more powerful engine, a more aggressive exterior, and extra equipment on the inside.

But for the first time ever, Mercedes-Benz introduced an S-badged version of the hatchback, with even more power. In this tune, the AMG A45 delivers an amazing horses, more than any other hot-hatch on the market as of This four-cylinder is also the most powerful of its kind in production, as well as the engine with the highest horsepower per liter.

Having already seen the regular A-Class and the A35, the A45 looks awfully familiar. But there are a few important changes to talk about, starting with the grille. This makes the A45 the first compact AMG to feature this grille. The front bumper also seems borrowed from the bigger AMG models. It features larger side vents with horizontal slats and a revised wing layout into the center intake.

The side winglets seen on the A35 model are present here as well. Both accommodate a wider front axle. Front the sides, the A45 is almost identical to the less powerful A But the wheels do, as the hatchback rides on inch rollers in a spoke design and finished in Tantalum Grey in standard trim.

These feature a five-spoke design and are also painted in Tantalum Grey, but with a high-sheen finish. Finally, Mercedes offers an optional set of inch forged wheels with a cross-spoke design and finished either in Titanium Grey with high-sheen or Matt Black with high-sheen flage and simulated central lock in aluminum. Around back, the A45 is again identical to its less powerful siblings, save for the lower bumper. On the A35, the spoiler is black, no matter the body color. The diffuser is also borrowed from the AMG A35, as it features the same vertical two fins in the center.

However, the A45 features a twin tailpipe design, whereas the A35 has just one on each side. The outlets are also larger at 3.

amg a45 s

Opt for the A45 S model, and the tailpipes grow even bigger at 3. The bundle adds high-gloss paint to the front splitter, inserts in the bumpers and side skirts, and black chrome exhaust pipes. Just like the exterior, the interior is a slightly beefed-up version of the AMG A The materials are also of a slightly higher quality in the standard layout. It includes the same wing-shaped, multi-tier dashboard, high-tech-looking center stack, and the turbine air vents. The standard upholstery, for instance, combines black Artico leather and Dinamica microfiber with double stitching in red.

amg a45 s

The optional upholstery is special too, as it comes in Neva Grey and Black, grey stitching, and aluminum trim. No carbon-fiber, unfortunately. The A45 S stands ou a bit more thanks to yellow highlights inspired from racing. The steering wheel features a flat bottom and is very similar to the A35, but it comes with extras like perforated leather on the grip area and contrast stitching. It includes built-in touch control buttons that can be used to intuitively select the displays of the instrument cluster and the multimedia system by means of horizontal and vertical swiping, just like on a smartphone.Based on the new A-classthe A35 sedan goes after established all-wheel-drive contenders such as the Volkswagen Golf R and the Audi S3.

More aggressive front and rear bumpers distinguish the AMG-branded A-class from its plebian sibling, as will the raspy note from its dual exhaust tips.

Basically identical to the A35 hatchbackthe A35 sedan uses a turbocharged 2. Mercedes says that the A35 will hit 60 mph in 4. We estimate that the A45 will get more than horsepower in its top trim and an all-wheel-drive system with a rear-drive Drift mode.

2020 Mercedes-AMG A45 revealed: price, specs and release date

Separating itself from the regular A-class, the AMG models come with different bucket seats, unique interior trim finishes such as red seatbelts, and a Supersport display mode for the standard dual MBUX infotainment screens. Optional features include a steering wheel with touchscreen buttons for driving-mode selection and a Track Pace telemetry app that uses the A-class's augmented-reality navigation system to project the ideal driving line when on a racetrack.

Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Starting at. View Photos. Engines, Ride, and Handling Basically identical to the A35 hatchbackthe A35 sedan uses a turbocharged 2. Read More About the A Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Join the Conversation Show Comments Loading

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