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The SACD format offers more audio channels e. The Super Audio CD format was introduced in The disc played was Mariah Carey 'Mariah'. BySACD had failed to make a significant impact in the marketplace; consumers were increasingly downloading low-resolution music files over the internet rather than buying music on physical disc formats. By Octoberrecord companies had published more than 6, SACD releases, slightly more than half of which were classical music.

Jazz and popular music albums, mainly remastered previous releases, were the next two most numerous genres represented. Many popular artists have released some or all of their back catalog on SACD. All three albums were remixed in 5. Some popular artists have released new recordings on SACD.

Between andthe rock band Genesis re-released all of their studio albums across three box sets. Each album in these sets contains the album on SACD in both new stereo and 5.

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The original stereo mixes were not included. Instead of depending on major label support, some orchestras and artists have released SACDs on their own. Many of the SACD discs that were released from are now out of print and are available only on the used market. SACD is a disc of identical physical dimensions as a standard compact disc; the density of the disc is the same as a DVD.

There are three types of disc: [17]. Unlike hybrid discs, both single- and dual-layer SACD's are incompatible with conventional CD players and cannot be played on them. A stereo SACD recording has an uncompressed rate of 5. Commercial releases commonly included both surround sound five full-range plus LFE multi-channel and stereo dual-channel mixes on the SACD layer.

Objective lenses in conventional CD players have a longer working distance, or focal lengththan lenses designed for SACD players. This contrasts with compact disc and conventional computer audio systems using pulse-code modulation PCM where audio amplitude is determined by numbers encoded in the bit stream.

Both modulations require neighboring samples to reconstruct the original wave, the more the lower frequency that can be encoded. DSD is 1-bithas a sampling rate of 2. This gives the format a greater dynamic range and wider frequency response than the CD.

DST compression is compulsory for multi-channel regions and optional for stereo regions. This typically compresses by a factor of between two and three, allowing a disc to contain 80 minutes of both 2-channel and 5.

SACD has several copy protection features at the physical level, which made the digital content of SACD discs difficult to copy until the jailbreak of the PlayStation 3. Copy protection schemes include physical pit modulation and bit encryption of the audio data, with a key encoded on a special area of the disc that is only readable by a licensed SACD device. In Septemberthe Audio Engineering Society published the results of a year-long trial, in which a range of subjects including professional recording engineers were asked to discern the difference between high-resolution audio sources including SACD and DVD-Audio and a compact disc audio Out of trials, there were correct answers, a Now, it is very difficult to use negative results to prove the inaudibility of any given phenomenon or process.

There is always the remote possibility that a different system or more finely attuned pair of ears would reveal a difference. But we have gathered enough data, using sufficiently varied and capable systems and listeners, to state that the burden of proof has now shifted.Discussion in ' Music Corner ' started by PhiloJun 20, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Springfield, VA. I am in Japan on business and have a little time to do some music shopping.

I know the usual places to go, and all about the Shm-sacd series. I'm interested in jazz and classic rock through the s.

Especially interested in hi-res stuff. Just bought the tower sacds of pat metheny's bright size life and pat metheny group; have most of the available miles and Coltrane sacds. Not interested in vinyl. Bonus points if there's a jazz place better than disc union shinjuku.

PhiloJun 20, Location: Paris. PrunelliParisJun 20, Location: London. DirkGentlyUKJun 20, Location: Orange County, California. You won't regret it. PhiloJun 21, Grab the 30th Anni.

The Rolling Stones – 14 Japanese SACD Albums (1968-1986) {Japan SHM-SACD, Hi-Res SACD Rip}

The Japanese press TOGP comes with all the insert extras and OBI of course, if you like that sort of thing, and should still be relatively inexpensive. Location: mt pleasant michigan.

I'd hope Philo had made it back by now.Features new DSD flat transfer from the original analogue master tapes. Born September 26,in Washington, England, Ferry, the son of a coal miner, began his musical career as a singer with the rock outfit the Banshees while studying art at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne under pop conceptualist Richard Hamilton.

These Foolish Things Within a few years, Roxy Music had become phenomenally successful, affording Ferry the opportunity to cut his first solo LP in The next summer, the practically unimaginable came true when Ferry joined Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera for a tour of Europe and the U. Frantic In summerFerry returned to his solo career for the electrifying Frantic.

This completely instrumental album featured his band re-recording some of his biggest hits in a s jazz style. Ferry returned to the studio in to record his 14th studio album with longtime collaborator Rhett Davies. Much like his contemporary David Bowie, Ferry consolidated his glam-era success with a covers album, his first full solo effort even while Roxy Music was still going full steam.

Whereas Bowie on Pin-Ups focused on British beat and psych treasures, Ferry for the most part looked to America, touching on everything from Motown to the early jazz standard that gave the collection its name. Just about everyone in Roxy Music at the time helped out on the album — notable exceptions being Andy Mackay and Brian Eno. Tracklist: River Of Salt Piece Of My Heart Sympathy For The Devil The Tracks Of My Tears These Foolish Things. The same core band that backed Ferry up on the earlier record stays more or less in place here.

A harbringer of solo albums to come appears at end — the title track, a Ferry original. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Funny How Time Slips Away You Are My Sunshine What A Wonderful World Another Time, Another Place. With Thompson and Wetton joined by U. On the one hand, he followed the initial formula established for his solo work, looking back to earlier rock, pop, and soul classics with gentle gusto.October 10, by Paul Sinclair tags: shi-resThe Police. A bespoke rigid-board outer box now contains a high quality vinyl replica which sits inside the box.

When you buy these, the disc in a protective sleeve actually sits separately behind the vinyl replica jacket. The vinyl replica mini-LP CDs have the usual high quality presentation complete with OBI strips replicating original designinner sleeve recreation, and booklet with Japanese notes and normally English lyrics.

The other thing to bear in mind is that the low print runs of these discs ensure they virtually never depreciate. If that sounds too restricting, the good news is you can purchase an SHM-CD compatible with all CD players that shares the same mastering and therefore should still sound great. Nice review Paul! I bought a few discs during the recent CD Japan bonus points promotion.

Very interesting review, thanks Paul. I still find it unbelievable that Universal have not exploited The Police and Sting catalogues with lavish Super Deluxe box sets. I think the most telling part of your review is that you know good mastering when you hear it.

I have always maintained that it is not so much the type of format but how good the mastering is to begin with and then the transfer. The key is finding the best sound. Unfortunately, it requires having to re-buy the discs to compare on your own system. The Japanese SHM-CD is a close second but loses out because a fluctuating soundwave from a percussion instrument at 2.

Any reason why they sound different? Thanks for this. I hope you will be doing a report on the UK the band feat. Eddie Jobson etc. Your email address will not be published. Search Search. Skip to content. Inside the outer box resides a fully functioning mini-LP CD. Outer box contains lavish mini-LP CD. April 10, at Paul Sinclair says:. LedMan says:.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only.

Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter windhoek Start date Aug 15, I've read the reviews on SA-Cd. The SHM concept is nonsenseits no different to those magic markers that you were supposed to color the edges of your CD's with.

Same thing goes for SACD. No change in datano change in soundsimple as that.

Alexandra Shakina - Mood Indigo (SACD)

I had heard about the coloured marker CD thing before; that sounds like snake oil lol. Last edited: Aug 15, Andy, as you work as a sound engineer, that was great to read. Once again a case of your ears are fooling you, in particular as the process has never been supported by any evidence whatsoever to prove it's claims. As you say Redbook is Redbook. The only things that effect playback are the quality of the laser assembly, the clamping method and the DAC.

From the CD's perspective the mastering is the biggest factor, not what it's made of. Cheers Andy, thanks for expanding on your earlier comment.

It looks like I still might want to buy some SHM-CDs, not because of what they're made of, but because the Japanese approach to mastering often results in a more enjoyable listening experience. Sadly, that still means if I want to hear the music I love sound better than before, I need to accept that it's going to cost an arm and a leg. They are usually available in non SHM versions as well.

japan sacd

Rich Marshall Well-known Member. Trollslayer Distinguished Member. This reminds me, I menat to get the remastered vesion of Division Bell.Blu-ray titles are playable only on Blu-ray players. There will be 3 regional encoding for Blu-ray as listed below, which are different from DVD region codes. In some very rare cases, American movies may come with Japanese and international version.

japan sacd

The reason is your player configuration was not set on Japanese language but on English or an other language. In this case, please try to modify the language of your player. Please note that it will not play on regular Blu-ray player. There are 6 region codes. Please make sure your DVD player is compatible with region-2 discs before finalizing your order. If the indication is missing, then it must be assumed that the title is encoded for Region 2 for DVD or Region 1 for Blu-ray. Similarly, the audio track is available only in the language listed.

We do not manufacture DVD and Blu-ray and very few Japanese manufacturers provide audio and subtitles other than Japanese language. However some movies and anime series such as Ghibli's masterpieces used to come with subtitles and audio in English.

The Rolling Stones – 14 Japanese SACD Albums (1968-1986) {Japan SHM-SACD, Hi-Res SACD Rip}

Please narrow your research using our tool on the left column on the bottom. Censorship of some contents may appear as Japanese manufacturers must respect the Japanese legislation. Obi is not necessary included as it's a promotion paper used by manufacturer and may come during a limited period. We are not enable to provide your such information.

Please note that opened items are not eligible for returns, unless there is a manufacturer defect. We are not enable to help you on this matter. We have recently updated our privacy policy, which will be implemented from May 25, onwards.

Read our Privacy Policy here. Blu-ray Blu-ray titles are playable only on Blu-ray players. Returns Please note that opened items are not eligible for returns, unless there is a manufacturer defect. Update to our Privacy Policy We have recently updated our privacy policy, which will be implemented from May 25, onwards.Discussion in ' Music Corner ' started by rstambergSep 15, Log in or Sign up.

japan sacd

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Riverside, CT. Here are my thoughts on this particular disc: It sounds great, just great. I found I had to turn up the volume significantly for this disc. I also noticed the disc sounded better as it went along These two events are unusual.

As a result, I played the disc twice, consecutively. We all know why that is. I list 'em all to let you all know I've heard this record a few times. I like the SACD just fine. The stereo separation is beautiful and I was unaware of some of the overdubs before, such as acoustic guitars chiming away on some electric songs. I assume this is the result of my having played this disc louder than I usually play 'em at my house.

There was some very minor distortion, I think, when Moon was playing open hi-hats on some tracks, but that's likely in the master tape. Again, there is a consistency among the aural characteristics on all the titles I've heard so far that I appreciate.

I'm getting to be able to understand how the discs are going to sound This series is truly a series, which is to say there's a definite "sound" they're going for Maybe I'm being presumptive. To me, it's essential to have a little extra bass going on while playing stereo-only discs. As a matter of fact, I simply prefer the slightly "brighter" sound of the Hoffman CD. Not bad at all, but just not the best. JeffR likes this. Location: Between the known and the unknown Thanks for the review, you obviously put some thought into what you wrote.

My copy is coming in the mail hopefully safe and sound. PhantomStrangerSep 16, Location: East of the Sun and West of the Moon. I posted to buy it just for John's very visceral base line that is now so lovingly reproduced.

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