Sample csv datasets download

The Tracking Network provides downloadable data in two formats. You can query and view data for each Tracking Network content area in maps, tables, and charts through the Data Explorer and you can download datasets for the content areas listed on this page. Unlike Data Explorer data, the datasets presented here for download have not been aggregated spatially or temporally.

Data included below is subject to be changed, updated or reviewed at any time. Additional information is included in the metadata files available for download through the links below. Each of these datasets provide data at the county level. The first three datasets include monthly index data from The U. Drought Monitor dataset features weekly drought monitor values ranging from from Solar radiation datasets are available at the county level.

sample csv datasets download

These datasets provide modeled predictions of particulate matter PM2. Data are at the census tract and county levels for Census tract-level datasets contain estimates of the mean predicted concentration and associated standard error. County-level datasets include the maximum, median, mean, and population-weighted mean concentration.

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E-Mail Updates. Downloadable Datasets. Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir. Datasets for Download The Tracking Network provides downloadable data in two formats. Drought Each of these datasets provide data at the county level. Drought Monitor. Solar Radiation Solar radiation datasets are available at the county level.

Air Pollution These datasets provide modeled predictions of particulate matter PM2. County-Level PM2.SpatialKey unlocks the full potential of time- and location-based information like nothing else out there.

In minutes, you can upload a data file and create and share interactive time- and map-based analyses and reports. Upload your own data or grab a sample file below to get started. Easy steps:. The sample insurance file contains 36, records in Florida for from a sample company that implemented an agressive growth plan in There are total insured value TIV columns containing TIV from andso this dataset is great for testing out the comparison feature.

Below is a sample of a report built in just a couple of minutes using the Blank Canvas app. These transactions are easily summarized and filtered by transaction date, payment type, country, city, and geography. As part of the import process, geocode these records using the city and state information in the file. Try adding another map layer with the Dataset Configuration Panel so you can visualize both a heatmap and graduated circles with the same dataset. Law enforcement agencies should enjoy working with this dataset.

Jump right in and try out SpatialKey using sample data! Easy steps: Click on one of the sample files below. It will be saved to your desktop. Log in to your SpatialKey account and follow the simple onscreen instructions to upload the sample file from your desktop.

Sample data files Sample insurance portfolio download. Real estate transactions download. Sales transactions download. Company Funding Records download. Crime Records download. Tagged: getting started.Learn about Springboard.

Completing your first project is a major milestone on the road to becoming a data scientist and helps to both reinforce your skills and provide something you can discuss during the interview process. The first step is to find an appropriate, interesting data set.

These data sets cover a variety of sources: demographic data, economic data, text data, and corporate data. Need more? Check out our list of free data mining tools. This post was originally published October 13, It was last updated August 21, You can follow him on Twitter tjdegroat.

A Curated List of Data Science Interview Questions and Answers Preparing for an interview is not easy—there is significant uncertainty regarding the data science interview questions you will be asked. No matter how much work experience or what data science certificate you have, an interviewer can throw you off with a set of questions that […]. Data mining and algorithms Data mining is the process of discovering predictive information from the analysis of large databases.

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For a data scientist, data mining can be a vague and daunting task — it requires a diverse set of skills and knowledge of many data mining techniques to take raw data and successfully get insights […]. As part of that exercise, we dove deep into the different roles within data science.

Around the world, organizations are creating more data every day, yet most […]. Census Bureau publishes reams of demographic data at the state, city, and even zip code level.

It is a fantastic data set for students interested in creating geographic data visualizations and can be accessed on the Census Bureau website. Alternatively, the data can be accessed via an API.

Download data as CSV files

One convenient way to use that API is through the choroplethr. In general, this data is very clean and very comprehensive. Alternatively, you can look at the data geographically. The data can be segmented in almost every way imaginable: age, race, year, and so on. Bureau of Labor Statistics : Many important economic indicators for the United States like unemployment and inflation can be found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Most of the data can be segmented both by time and by geography.

The Best Way to Prepare a Dataset Easily

Bureau of Economic Analysis: The Bureau of Economic Analysis also has national and regional economic data, including gross domestic product and exchange rates. Dow Jones Weekly Returns: Predicting stock prices is a major application of data analysis and machine learning. Enron Emails: After the collapse of Enron, a free data set of roughlyemails with message text and metadata were released. The data set is now famous and provides an excellent testing ground for text-related analysis.

You also can explore other research uses of this data set through the page.Disclaimer - The datasets are generated through random logic in VBA. These are not real sales data and should not be used for any other purpose other than testing. You can download sample csv files ranging from records to records.

But 1. These csv files contain data in various formats like Text and Numbers which should satisfy your need for testing. All files are provides in zip format to reduce the size of csv file. Larges ones are also provided in 7z format apart from zip format to gain further reduction in size. The result data will be populated in Detail tab. Can I please get a dataset of up torecords and around 30 columns? I can see the files above only have about 14columns. I am using a flat file source to read the data from […].

Hi, can I use your dataset for my github testing project? I would like to add my portofolio using these dataset. Ufak tefek […]. You can even download these sample CSV files to test it […]. Previous Next. This data set can be categorized under "Sales" category. Below are the fields which appear as part of these csv files as first line.

Lama August 21, at pm - Reply. Zouhair December 19, at pm - Reply. Import csv do sql server — m. Nicole January 16, at am - Reply. Jim Nasium January 19, at am - Reply. Sepehr January 24, at pm - Reply. Khalid Bana February 2, at am - Reply. Wildan Usman February 3, at pm - Reply. Abdulkadir Adeiza Ibrahim February 10, at pm - Reply. Note that I updated the Order Date column to more recent […]. Varadharajan R July 16, at pm - Reply.

Odeniyi June 28, at pm - Reply. Hi, Can I please get a dataset of up torecords and around 30 columns? Regards AFO. Leon July 2, at pm - Reply. P October 10, at pm - Reply. Iqbal November 11, at pm - Reply.

Thanks guysss These files helped me a lot in tetsing.Didn't find what you're looking for? Suggest a dataset here. Federal datasets are subject to the U. Federal Government Data Policy. Non-federal participants e. Data policies influence the usefulness of the data. Learn more about how to search for data and use this catalog. Formats: CSV.

The primary source of data for this file is State of Connecticut — A listing of each accidental death associated with drug overdose in Connecticut from to A "Y" value under the different substance columns indicates that Before doing any market analysis on property sales, check This dataset contains Raleigh Durham International Airport weather data pulled from Environmental Protection Agency — This annual report is part of the U.

Datasets labeled "Current" contain this month's postings, while those labeled "Archive" contain a running list The Diversity Index shows the likelihood that two persons chosen at random from Records contain College-bound seniors mean SAT scores. Records with These boundaries are approximate and names are not official. The data can be viewed on the City of Bloomington — This set raw of data contains information from Bloomington Police Department regarding guns reported stolen.

Includes information pertaining to land, values, sales, abatements, and building characteristics if City of Bloomington — This data set contains information related to from counters of Traffic Counts and Accidents.

Please contact The Department of Planning and Transportation if you Currently this dataset does not include City of Pittsburgh dogs. State of Oklahoma — Increase the number of eligible children receiving mental health treatment from 87, in to 91, by Constraints: Not to be used for Queryed out ND via attributes and reprojected in ArcMap.Explore hundreds of free data sets on financial services, including banking, lending, retirement, investments, and insurance.

Start using these data sets to build new financial products and services, such as apps that help financial consumers and new models to help make loans to small businesses. Open data is helping bring capital to Main Street businesses. For example, one fast-growing lender is combining data from a wide range of government sources to make working capital loans to small businesses.

Using open data on industry-level economic trends, the company is able to build finer-tuned predictive models. Another data analytics startup is working with banks to unlock insights about businesses from new government sources. Critical data about businesses are buried in unexpected places. For example, it is possible to estimate the number of employees a given company has based on existing, publicly available data about participants its retirement plan.

By Martha Kanter Over the last week, more than national public and private sector innovators from higher education, technology, and industry joined us at round tables, at white boards, and over large sheets of poster paper to brainstorm creative … Continued.

In our first actions to implement the Order, Treasury has … Continued. Updates Data Challenges Contact Finance. More Highlights.Eli Tilevich, Dr. Clifford A. Shaffer, Dr.

Dennis Kafura. Records of AIDS related statistics from several countries. Information about flight delays in major aiports since Information about over billionaires from around the world.

This library holds data about Broadway shows, such as tickets sold. The Business Dynamics Statistics BDS includes measures of establishment openings and closings, firm startups, job creation and destruction by firm size, age, and industrial sector, and several other statistics on business dynamics for the US. Cumulative cancer deaths for the period are reported for each U. This is a dataset about cars and how much fuel they use.

Records and computed statistics about the top books on Project Gutenberg. This dataset provides data on the number and valuation of new housing units authorized by building permits. Estimates of the total dollar value of construction work done in the U.

Demographic information for counties in the United States. This dataset is about substance abuse cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol among different age groups and states. Records from different earthquake occurences across the world. A breakdown of how each county voted in the Presidential primaries. This data set describes over U. Reported data for includes electrical generation, distribution, revenues, and customers.

sample csv datasets download

This data set contains data from through United States Government reports on consumption, production, import, and export of various fuel sources. The Annual Survey of State Government Finances provides a comprehensive summary of the annual survey findings for state governments, as well as data for individual states.

sample csv datasets download

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